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Namaste & Welcome To IndieYoga!

Yoga is a wonderful way to balance body and mind.

I invite you to explore with me a practice that will strengthen and flex your body,

quiet and calm your spirit.

Join me for a dive into a fascinating world that is within you.

Choose the class for you

Classes are for all levels at any age

יוגה בקבוצות קטנות

Yoga in groups

Classes in an intimate atmosphere at Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha and Kibbutz Einat.

Yoga in groups

שיעורי יוגה פרטיים

Private classes

one on one or private group class at your pace. Encourage growth and healing of body & mind.

Private classes

יוגה בארגונים

Yoga for companies

An enjoyable and enriching experience as part of your work routine or as a social day activity.

Yoga for companies

Yoga improves the quality of our lives

There are many benefits to practicing yoga, we will present some of them:

As we practice Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Dhayana (meditation) – we increase our physical and mental flexibility. The practice of yoga encourages faster metabolism, strengthens the internal muscles in our bodies and expands the volume of breathing that helps us stay calm and focused.

Breath 65%
Metabolism 90%
Fexibility 80%
Core Strength 50%
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